4 Fire sprinkler myths busted!

Fire Sprinklers

Fire Protection Systems such as sprinklers should be installed in every commercial building and receive regular maintenance checks to ensure ongoing protection of property and lives. However, there are still a few misconceptions regarding the operation of sprinkler systems that should be busted:

Myth: All the sprinklers go off at the same time

Busted: Sprinkler heads react individually, depending on which sprinkler is closest to the fire. Approximately 90% of fires are controlled by six sprinkler heads, or even less – which means sprinklers in other rooms won’t be activated if they’re too far away from the source of the fire.

Myth: The water damage from activated sprinklers will be worse than fire damage

Busted: Compared to a building being consumed by fire in approximately 9 minutes, it’s much more viable to install a sprinkler system – which releases 118 Litres per minute, at the most. Fire-fighting hoses can do a lot more damage, releasing approximately 470 Litres per minute.

Myth: Having a smoke alarm will do the trick

Busted: Smoke alarms are great for detecting potential danger, but they don’t eliminate the danger – especially if you’re not around to put the fire out yourself. Having a sprinkler system will detect the potential threat as well as keep it under control or eliminate it all together.

Myth: Fire sprinklers can leak often:

Busted: Installation of fire protection components should be done properly to prevent unnecessary leaks, however, the probability of your normal plumbing leaking is much higher than your sprinkler system creating problems.

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