Fire Safety

Fire and Explosion Assessment in Mines

fire and explosion

Fire and Explosion Assessment in Mines

Mine fires and explosions are devastating industrial disasters that should be avoided at all costs. Built in fire-protection and early-detection systems are the primary, non-negotiable measures that mines need to implement to promote risk assessment and fire safety.

Why Fire Safety Training for Businesses Is Crucial

Fire Safety Training

Fire safety precautions and solutions are not just important for organisations. Business owners have the important duty of protecting their staff, assets and building. According to SME Toolkit South Africa,

How To Eliminate Fire Threats In A Commercial Kitchen

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All around the world, thousands of fires erupt in public places. It is not surprising that many of these occur in commercial kitchens. Commercial fires can lead to money loss, injury and possibly even death.

Having an adequate, well-maintained fire suppression system in a commercial kitchen is absolutely crucial.

Your Basic Business Fire Escape Plan

fire escape plan

Having a reliable fire escape plan when things go terribly wrong could mean the difference between life or death – risking the lives of yourself and your employees. In case you don’t have a plan yet, consider the following tips to ensure that, in case of a fire breaking out, you know exactly what to do to get out alive:

The Dos & Don’ts of putting out a Grease Fire

Grease Fire

Grease fires can happen at any stage with anyone – when the oil becomes too hot and catches fire. The first sign of danger will be your oil boiling, it’ll then start smoking and before you know it the oil will catch fire. Grease fires can be potentially fatal and devastating if you don’t know how to stop the fire in its tracks.

Fireco’s New Year’s Fire Safety Tips

New Year's Fire Safety Tips

Fireco's New Year's Fire Safety Tips

At Fireco, we strongly value the safety and wellbeing of people all over the world. We cannot stress the importance of Fire Safety enough, at home and in the workplace. We strongly recommend that you improve your fire safety system this year as a part of your New Year's Resolution.

Holiday Fire Safety

xmas fire

The holiday and festive season is a great time for dinner parties, candles, braais, and roasted marshmallows, but it is also a time to be extra cautious in and around the home.