About time to replace your Commercial Fire Protection System?

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The last thing you want to experience is major fire damage to your commercial property due to negligence. Which is why it's extremely important to watch out for tell-tale signs that a replacement system is around the corner. Although the standard lifespan for fire detection systems are between 12 to 15 years, taking into consideration that regular inspections, testing and maintenance is done, this lifespan is also only expected if the system was designed and installed properly. If you're in doubt though, and certain indications are making you feel a little uneasy, have a look out for these following signs:

  • Constant repairs are needed: If it feels like the fire alarm company spends more time at your property that their own, it's time to replace your system. It'll save you more money in the long run than having to do constant repairs.
  • Certain parts are no longer available: Your fire protection system becomes invalid once the parts that need replacing no longer exist. Whether the manufacturers do this on purpose to make more money out of you, fact is you're unable to upgrade your system. The only thing left to do is to completely replace it.
  • System failure: This is not something you'd like to deal with, but if it happens you have to replace it ASAP to ensure a safe working environment, as well as staying up to code.
  • Renovations within your property: Staying code compliant is extremely important. By adding rooms or making changes to the property, you could be "breaking the code" which would require you to look into upgrading your system.
  • Your system is old: There's a reason why manufactures are constantly upgrading systems. New technology is developed and, sure, they'd like to create more business opportunities. However, new technology also creates better fire protection. Which is why keeping up with technology is a great idea, especially if your system is older than recommended.
  • Incompatibility of system components: If your fire detection system and audible devices are incompatible, due to improper retrofit, it's definitely time to replace your system.

Rather be safe than sorry. Since you can't be in numerous places within your commercial property simultaneously, having a Commercial Fire Protection System that's not only reliable but up to date, gives you the peace of mind that you, your employees and the company you've spent many sleepless nights building to where it is today, will be safe. Replacing a Fire Protection System is easier than replacing lives.