Is that veld supposed to be burning?

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Did you know that one of the largest fires in recent history was in 1825 when a fire tore through Maine and New Brunswick, Canada, burning 3 million acres of forest? That’s 12140 square kilometers. If Pretoria is roughly 1500km’s away from Cape Town, imagine how intense that fire suppression attempt must have been.

Fire prevention and fire protection: 3 crucial rules

Fire Supression System

It only takes a few seconds for disaster to strike in a building. Make sure you are aware of the fire prevention and fire protection rules that will keep lives, properties and other valuables as safe as possible.

What Maintenance Of Fire Protection Components Incorporates

Fire Protection Components

What happens when a building is on fire, and the fire protection system does not perform efficiently? A lot of unnecessary damage is caused and money is wasted. The main purpose of fire protection companies, such as Fireco, is to ensure that commercial fire protection systems are effectively installed and maintained to prevent devastation caused by fire.

Take Namibian Veld Fire Prevention into Your Own Hands

Fire Protection Company

Over the last decade, veld fires have been a consistent threat to the welfare of agriculture industries in the country. Though fire management campaigns have been put in place throughout this time, uncontrolled forest and veld fires have continued to negatively impact upward of 5 million hectares; the number has become an annual statistic.

Fire Suppression in Data Centers: Threats & Challenges


Fire Suspension


Organisations spend a significant amount of money protecting data centers from the risk of downtime through installing emergency generators, reliable uninterrupted power supply systems and quality air conditioning systems. However, all these efforts are absolutely null and void if a company’s entire data center erupts in flames.

Fire and Explosion Assessment in Mines

fire and explosion

Fire and Explosion Assessment in Mines

Mine fires and explosions are devastating industrial disasters that should be avoided at all costs. Built in fire-protection and early-detection systems are the primary, non-negotiable measures that mines need to implement to promote risk assessment and fire safety.

4 Important Fire Sprinkler Maintenance Tips

Sprinkler Maintenance

Fire sprinkler systems are intricate engineering designs designed to help protect your commercial premises and employees. Without properly functioning fire protection engineering designs, you may be putting the lives of your employees and your assets at risk, without even knowing it.



Although arson is not one of the leading threats concerning malicious damage to property, high-risk incidents are still being reported across the continent. The maintenance of fire protection components should not disregard possible arson threats which put the lives of many innocent people in danger.