South African Building Regulations on Fire Protection

fire pumps

When it comes to the safety and protection of your property and the people in it, South Africa has implemented certain building regulations specifically related to fire protection-to ensure that buildings are designed, constructed and adequately equipped for the unfortunate event that a fire should break out.

Fire Protection Engineering For High Rise Buildings

Fire Protection Engineering

One of the responsibilities of fire protection engineers is the design of safety measures within a

When To Use A Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher

A lot of us know about the popular red fire extinguishers used in most homes, shops, hotels and warehouses. Apart from red, you can find other colours used to code extinguishers. The different colours represent different contents and functions; it is crucial that the correct fire extinguishers are used for various fires.

Fire Sprinklers: Standard or Quick Response?

Quick Response

Different fire sprinkler types are designed for different buildings. Choosing the correct fire sprinklers for your specific workplace can have a great impact on your company's fire protection system. Types of sprinklers all differ according to temperature activation, orifice size, water distribution pressure, where and how installation takes place, response timing, service and thermal sensitivity.

Hand held fire extinguishers

fire extinguishers

Most fires can be put out quite easily if caught early, however you should make sure that you know what you're doing. Lack of preparation and knowledge can cost valuable time when fires start and allow the situation to get out of hand.

You’re Not Safe!

Not safe


They are automatically activated. This means that whether the building occupants are awake or asleep, present or away, there is always an immediate solution.