What To Do When Your Workplace Is Burning?

Workplace Fire Emergency Evacuation Procedure.

workplace fire

The basic procedure:

1. Assist anyone who is in immediate danger.

2. Activate the building fire alarm, if the smoke detectors have not done so, and call 911 or the fire brigade.

World Day for Safety and Health

Safety and Health

28 April 2015 is the World Day for Safety and Health at Work. The International Labour Organization (ILO) has regarded this as a yearly international campaign since 2003. This day is used to highlight the importance of health and safety in the work place.

What If It Was Your Fault?

Effects of Smoke

Did you know that, by law, you are responsible for those working in your factory?

Employers are, as far as reasonably attainable, responsible for the protection of their employees, as well as visitors or any other persons on their property. Everyone has a right to be protected against harm caused by failure to install the proper protection and control measures.

Keep Cool at Work

Childproof Your Home

Fire protection in the work place is essential as all employees need to be safe from any possible outbreak of fires and other disasters or accidents.There are various protection components that make up a proper fire protection system. Such a system should be put in place to eliminate possible fire threats and allow maximum fire protection should a fire erupt.

Effects of Smoke Exposure

Effects of Smoke

Effects of Smoke Exposure

The smoke formed from various fires (waste, wood, rubber etc.) contains carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, particulate matter and other chemicals depending on the temperature of the fire and the matter that is burning.

Is Your Home Fireproof ?

Fireproof Home

It is impossible for your home to be 100% fireproof; however, you can make sure that it is as safe as possible. This could prevent the loss of possessions as well as the loss of lives.

Childproof Your Home

Childproof Your Home

Monitor children around water

Infants are able to drown in just inches of water which means that bathtubs, pools and even rain puddles are dangerous for children to be by if they are alone. DIY handrails are available to put around pools. It is extremely important that any pool has a handrail around it. Small blow-up pools should be emptied if not used. Hot water is also a hazard. If your child tips over a hot kettle or opens a hot tap they can be severely scalded.

Important Fire Protection Procedures

Fire Protection

Fires are a very dangerous and costly hazard that can affect thousands of companies every year. They can result in tremendous injury, loss of customer trust, and general building damage, all of which can spread to other families and businesses.