Childproof Your Home

Childproof Your Home

Monitor children around water

Infants are able to drown in just inches of water which means that bathtubs, pools and even rain puddles are dangerous for children to be by if they are alone. DIY handrails are available to put around pools. It is extremely important that any pool has a handrail around it. Small blow-up pools should be emptied if not used. Hot water is also a hazard. If your child tips over a hot kettle or opens a hot tap they can be severely scalded.

Keep chemicals and cleaning materials out of reach

Most household products are possibly poisonous if ingested. Children tend to taste and swallow liquids and items thinking that it is juice or food. Lock away all medicines, garden fertilizers, cosmetics and cleaning products.

Keep choking hazards away from children

Children love putting items into their mouths. Make sure there are no small toys or items lying around that can cause them to choke.

Cover electric sockets

There are electric sockets protectors that you can buy and put over all sockets. This will help childproof your home and prevent your child from putting their fingers into the plug holes. Also, teach your children to stay away from plugs to ensure they don't get electrocuted. Do not have any damaged cords plugged into an electrical socket.

Lock away and unload firearms

Make sure that your children are aware of the dangers of guns. Children should never be able to access any firearm as they can harm themselves and others.

Secure passages and entrances

Doors should be locked, windows secured and stairways protected. Protective railing systems can be used on stairways to prevent your child from falling. Also use baby proof gates at the top and bottom of your stairs.

Install fire protection

Fires can be started in the blink of an eye; therefore, prevention methods should be taken. Smoke alarms and sprinklers should be installed in your home. Make sure the smoke alarm has working batteries, have a fire escape plan that your children are familiar with and keep matches and lighters out of reach.

Be ready for any emergency

Have a first aid kit ready if any injury occurs and always have emergency numbers on speed dial. Be familiar with the Heimlich manoeuvre and CPR.