Eco-Friendly Fire Systems Are “On Fire”


Eco-Friendly Fire Systems Are “On Fire”

Many new systems are being used for fire protection methods as not only are fire suppression companies using the finest technology, but the desire for eco-friendly systems is also becoming a popular trend.

In essence, green symbolises safety in many products, practices, etc. and now fire suppression systems are not only green in the safety department but also in an environmental way as protecting the environment is a great concern for many.

With the advancement of technology, the fire safety field has especially benefited from eco-friendly modifications; such modifications have also improved the sustainability of fire suppression systems. Various fire suppression companies all around the world have joined in the initiative by adopting popular environmental practices or by creating their own.

In order to make sure that time and resources are not wasted popular practices are put into place, such as:

  • Making sure that any fire is detected as early as possible
  • Making sure false alarms are avoided
  • With fire sprinklers, such as the standard response systems, they do not all activate at the same time in a building; instead, only the sprinkler heads above the actual detected smoke and fire is activated. This saves energy and water.

    Although different types of fires require alternative fire extinguishers, where possible and safe, water fire extinguishers should be used as these do not release harmful gasses and emissions into the atmosphere. Obviously, safety cannot be substituted; therefore, a company with hazardous liquids or electrical dangers should get an appropriate fire extinguisher for the specific need.

    There is no “one-size-fits-all” system when it comes to fire safety; however, every individual home/ company needs todeploy a fire safety system that is safeand as eco-friendly as possible.