Fire Protection For Apartment Buildings

fire escape plan

Apartment buildings usually have a large number of occupants with different needs. A fire protection engineer will have to take the following into account:

  • Where is the apartment building?
  • How big is the apartment building?
  • How many tenants are on the premises?
  • Are there any tenants with impairments?

    Fire safety goes beyond just having essential fire protection equipment installed in a building. The overall exit strategies, maintenance plans and tenants’ education of safety rules all contributes to a safer building.

    Increase fire protection for apartments

    Finding the perfect tenants for apartment buildings can be challenging. You need to ensure that your tenants respect fire protection rules as you do not want a fire caused as a result of vandalism or neglect. Here are a few tips for ensuring maximum fire safety:


  • Work with a reputable fire protection company that can give you advice on devices and equipment such as sprinklers and alarms.
  • Ensure that all occupants and staff are fully aware of their responsibilities in terms of fire safety
  • Have more than one escape/ emergency procedure
  • Keep up to date with all necessary fire safety tests and inspections

    Building manager:

  • Approve and maintain a fire protection plan and ensure that the plan is carried out correctly
  • Be familiar and comply with all codes and regulations
  • Hold regular fire drills
  • Train staff to be competent in all required safety duties for when you’re absent
  • Provide important information to firefighters, such as location of stairs, elevators and service rooms
  • Keep all passageways, stairways and exits unobstructed
  • Keep all electrical panels and controls to the sprinkler system working and clear of any obstructions
  • Keep storage clean and organised
  • Ensure all flammable liquids are in closed containers (unless instructions say otherwise) and stored away properly
  • There should be a fire extinguisher placed on every floor and other areas that the fire protection engineer deems important

    Everyone should work together to ensure maximum safety.

    For more information, read: safety-information/for- consumers/occupancies/high-rise- buildings for-apartments