Fire Protection System’s Puzzle Piece

fire pumps

It is absolutely essential that all commercial buildings are equipped with a proper fire protection system. When installing such a system, you may have heard of a fire pump, but not actually know its exact purpose or role in a fire protection system.

In order to understand why you may need a fire pump, you need to know the basics of a fire pump.

A fire pump is implemented in a system to ensure that the fire sprinklers are able to function efficiently by ensuring that water pressure is kept at the correct level. Especially with bigger buildings, if a pump is absent from the fire protection system and a fire happens to erupt, the water sprinklers could be ineffective in putting out the fire due to the lack of pressure, thus they are, in that situation, useless without a fire pump.

A jockey pump is merely a small part of the fire pump’s control system. Its purpose is to maintain the correct pressure within the fire sprinkler system. If a drop in the pressure of the system occurs, the fire pump with automatically start up once jockey pump signals that the pressure is low.

The most common places where fire pumps are need are: storage warehouses as larger areas need a greater water pressure as if a fire happens to spread then the water will have to cover a large area and because there are no doors or walls, fire is able to spread at an alarming rate without any obstacles; high buildings as a lot of water pressure is required so that the fire sprinklers are able to douse flames on high floors; and any industrial or commercial buildings with water storage onsite as the fire pumps will help create water pressure from the storage tanks to the fire sprinklers.