Fire Protection for Universities In South Africa

Workplace fires

Fires can happen at any time and have a devastating impact on people and resources in a university. An educational institution, which consists of libraries, classrooms, labs and offices, may never be restored to its original value if damaged.

According to Lizeka Tandwa from politicsweb, NWU's Mafikeng campus lost millions of rands when protesters set fire to the administrative building on Thursday. Although this fire was deliberately caused and out of the hands of anybody involved in the Fire Protection System at the Mafikeng campus, this incident reminds us that it is important to have a fire protection solution and a fire escape plan to keep staff and students as safe as possible. Fires can also happen accidently or without any confirmed cause, thus we need to make sure that every campus has the right tools and advice to prevent any damage to property and harm to life.

South Africa has specific building regulations that relates to fire protection. These regulations ensure that buildings are constructed, designed and equipped for any emergency event, such as a fire erupting. Read more about the SABS SANS Act 10400 Part T – Fire Protection Act.

Keeping staff and students safe

In the event of a fire, every second counts. A safe, orderly and practical fire escape plan is absolutely essential. All staff and students have a personal responsibility to know how to evacuate in an emergency. Supervisors are responsible for supplying this information and ensuring that the university’s fire protection system meets all university policies and procedures as well as applicable legislation.

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