Fire Pumps

 Diesel Driven Fire Pumps 

diesel driven fire pumpsDiesel driven fire pumps are reliable and useful for certain fire protection systems. These pumps, however, require fuel storage tanks to be stored near the pumps or near the pump room. Diesel driven pumps are useful for pumps located in a pump house or at the base of a building for the convenience of refuelling and providing ventilation for the combustion exhaust. 





Diesel, Electric and Jockey Pump Controllers


Diesel, Electric and Jockey Pump ControllersFire pump controllers start up fire pumps once they receive a signal from the pressure switch. We offer safe-wired diesel, electric and jockey pump controllers that are designed to monitor and control fire pumps.






 Jockey and Electric Fire Pumps


Jockey and Electric Fire Pumps

Electric fire pumps are probably the most convenient fire pumps as they are:

  • easier to design,
  • easier to maintain, and
  • no fuel needed to function

Our reliable electric fire pumps and our smaller jockey fire pumps are reliable and convenient for any location on, besides or in a building.