Fire Sprinklers

Fireco offers effective fire sprinklers that will activate and spray water onto specific areas in the event of a fire in a building. Not all fire sprinklers installed in a building will be activated when a fire erupts, only the closest one to the fire; therefore, you are insured fire protection that will keep any area safe and not unnecessarily drenched in water.

We install a range of various systems to suit different requirements.

Standard Coverage Sprinklers - Standard Response


Jockey and Electric Fire Pumps

Designed for both ordinary and hazardous areas, standard coverage sprinklers are effective for commercial buildings such as banks, factories and even chemical plants. They work by spraying water onto a fire and preventing it from spreading. 



Standard Coverage Sprinklers - Quick Response


Jockey and Electric Fire Pumps


The quick response system is a lot like the standard response system; however, the sprinklers are activated quicker. Because of its fast and efficient fire protection, it can be used for densely populated buildings, for example: health care facilities.




 Dry Type - Standard Coverage


Jockey and Electric Fire Pumps


Dry type, standard coverage sprinklers are especially for areas that may have extremely cold temperatures as they are designed to prevent water from freezing in the pipes.





 Dry Type - ESFR (Early Suppression Fast Response)

Jockey and Electric Fire Pumps


Dry type, ESFR sprinklers are installed onto ceilings like conventional fire sprinkler systems; however, they release a higher volume of water at a harder pressure thus providing effective protection, especially for high piled storage spaces.




Storage - ESFR (Early Suppression Fast Response)

Jockey and Electric Fire Pumps

This system uses a large quantity of water to suppress a fire. Compared to other systems, the ESFR storage system is able to detect a fire quicker and release a greater volume of water in the form of larger droplets.





 Storage - Intermediate Level Sprinklers

Jockey and Electric Fire Pumps


Intermediate Level Sprinklers are ideal for lower level floors in a building, especially if the above floors have other fire sprinklers. Such systems have water shields on each sprinkler that prevent any water from affecting their operation.




Spray Nozzles - Model E Spray Nozzles

Jockey and Electric Fire Pumps

Using the water pressure itself, spray nozzles spray water out in a cone shape, either in the form of small water droplets or even mist, over a specific area.