Fireco’s New Year’s Fire Safety Tips

New Year's Fire Safety Tips

Fireco's New Year's Fire Safety Tips

At Fireco, we strongly value the safety and wellbeing of people all over the world. We cannot stress the importance of Fire Safety enough, at home and in the workplace. We strongly recommend that you improve your fire safety system this year as a part of your New Year's Resolution.

As countless fire disasters happen in many different environments, we have compiled a few tips that will promote safety to all people in small and large workplaces. This is to ensure that all potential fire dangers are prevented.

Evacuation plan

You need an emergency evacuation plan so that in the case of a fire, all employees know what to do and how to do it. If you already have an evacuation plan, make sure that all employees are aware of the plan.

You should have regular fire drills to familiarise employees with the evacuation plans. Also, it will minimise stress and confusion if a fire does break out as employees will be able to exit the building easily.

Fire extinguishers

Replace all old fire extinguishers if:

  • The pin is missing or unsealed
  • The extinguisher's seal on top is broken thus enabling air to escape
  • The hose or nozzle is in any way damaged
  • The inspection tag is lost
  • Chemical powder sets to the bottom
  • The handle is broken or loose
  • Also make sure that the extinguishers are located in an easy-to-reach/find location and that all employees are aware of where the extinguishers are placed. Discuss where the fire extinguishers are situated with all employees.

    Fire Sprinklers

    Sprinklers need to be examined to ensure that all valves are turned on properly. Make sure that after repairs or maintenance the control valve is reopened so that the fire sprinklers work in the case of a fire. Sprinklers should also be checked for any leaks and damage.

    Fire Alarm

    Fire alarm systems need to be tested as, like any other fire safety products, they can wear out or become damaged. Start off the year by making sure that your fire alarm system is in good working order.

    General tidiness

    Bins should be placed in every room and trash should not accumulate as such clutter can add to the danger of fire in the workplace. Make sure you encourage all employees to keep their workplace clean and litter free. This will not only reduce the chances of a fire outbreak but it will make the overall workplace environment a lot nicer and neater.

    Electric cords

    Electrical systems have the ability to cause shock, injury and fire. As thousands of fires are caused by electrical incidences, it is absolutely crucial that all workplaces are as safe as possible.

    To avoid electrical fires from happening, you must:

    Replaced or repair all damaged and frayed cords

  • Buy legitimate products as opposed to false or cheap name branded products
  • Install proper wiring systems
  • Install enough plug circuits
  • Avoid running extension cords under doors and carpets

    Take a careful look at your electrical appliances and plugs. If you notice discoloration, burning smells, a "buzzing" sound, sparks or a tingling sensation when you tough the plug, you need to replace the appliances or plugs as soon as possible.

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