Fireco’s Accreditations & What Each One Means

Fire Protection Company


As a well-established fire protection company, we hire skilled engineers and developers to tailor make fire protection/ suppressions solutions for all of our clients. To ensure we deliver world class services, we meet world-wide design standards..

Automatic Sprinkler Inspection Bureau (Pty) (ASIB).
Fireco (Pty) Ltd. is registered with the Automatic Sprinkler Inspection Bureau (Pty) (ASIB). All of our trained staff and subcontractors are well versed in the installation of sprinkler systems. We ensure that all the correct and approved equipment and techniques are used during any sprinkler installation, as per ASIB standards. Fireco ensures that:

  • All regulations are updated.
  • All our fire protection systems are installed correctly.
  • We are listed as a certified sprinkler installation company.
  • We issue Clearance Certificates to all properties that comply with the minimum standards and requirements set out by ASIB.
  • British Standards (BS)
    Fireco systems meet the British Stardards (BS) for fire protection. The document provides rules and characteristics to ensure that fire protection solutions are installed and maintainedin accordance with public contracts or international trade. Any type of business, both small and large, can benefit from the integrity and conformity of BS as they ensure that any business offering products and services is:

  • Safe
  • Credible
  • Cost-Effective
  • Commercially Viable
  • European Norms (EN)
    European countries intend to have fire standards harmonised over all of Europe as opposed to separate standards in each country. All planning, installation and maintenance services that Fireco delivers is EN approved..

    Factory Mutual (FM)
    Fireco ensures that all systems used are FM Approved. Factory Mutual (FM) insures and protects lives, property and operations by mitigating fire risks. This involves testing fire protection components and auditing fire protection processes to ensure that all systems are competent..

    National Fire Protection Association of America (NFPA)
    National Fire Protection Association of America (NFPA) has published hundreds on consensus codes and standards with the core purposes of eliminating death, injury and property and economic loss as a result of fire and other hazards. Fireco complies with all NFPA codes to ensure maximum possible safety..

    B-BBEE Accreditation
    Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE or B-BBEE) is a form of economic empowerment initiated by the South African government. The goal of B-BBEE is to distribute wealth across as broad a spectrum of the previously disadvantaged South African society. B-BBEE is important to Fireco, thus we are a Level Four Contributor and our Procurement Recognition Level is 100%.

    Green Pledge
    Fireco demonstrates our commitment to environmental sustainability through daily actions of reducing wastage and conserving water, energy and other natural resources. We’ve joined the Green Pledge; this is a public commitment to embed sustainability practices into all of our protocols and work with suppliers who share our ethos.