Hotel Fire Protection Regulations In South Africa

Hotel Fire Protection

South Africa has very strict regulations concerning fire safety and protection. If you run a hotel, make sure that you:

1. Take proper precautions to protect yourself from loss as a result of fire outbreaks,
2. Protect your staff and employees, and
3. Adhere to South African laws on fire protection.

What the SANS 10400 Part T Act Says

According to the legislation, all buildings should be designed and equipped in such a way that, in case of an outbreak:

  • Everyone in the premises has protection against fire-related injuries.
  • Fire will not easily spread within the premises, or onto other buildings.
  • Smoke from fire can be minimised or easily controlled.
  • There will be easy access to equipment used to detect, fight, control or extinguish fire.
  • The equipment used to detect and fight fire should also be compliant with SANS 10105. SANS 10105 compliant fire equipment is efficient and can help you avoid law suits in case of injury or property damage caused by fire in your place of business.


    What are the Requirements for Efficient Protection from Fire?

    When it comes to hotel fire safety, the most common components include:

  • Automatic alarm systems,
  • Duct smoke detectors
  • Manual alarm systems
  • Exit and exit signs
  • Smoke control systems
  • Staff training
  • Smoke and fire detectors
  • Emergency lights
  • Portable fire extinguishers
  • Fire resistant construction
  • Note that ignoring these rules when constructing your building can land you in trouble with the law, especially when people are injured in a fire on your business premises.

    When searching for fire protection services, check for certification and ensure all the equipment used are SANS 10105 compliant