Installing Fire Sprinklers into Cloud Ceiling Panels

Fireco cloud ceilings.jpg

Interior design trends are constantly changing; currently, cloud ceiling panels are now considered aesthetically pleasing to most people. Ceiling canopies or ceiling clouds are widely used for industrial and commercial ceilings. This type of ceiling tile is mainly used to create a false ceiling that is suspended to make a high ceiling appear lower. Naturally, lighting and fire sprinklers should be fitted into the cloud ceiling panels, but how is an indoor sprinkler system fitted?

At one time, commercial fire sprinkler systems were installed in both the existing and suspended ceilings. However, the NFPA has recently reviewed the rules concerning cloud panels. It was originally thought that the decorative ceiling panels prevented water from dousing the fire below, therefore, fire sprinklers used to be installed on the original ceiling and the cloud ceiling.

After rigorous testing they have discovered acoustical ceiling panels may require fewer sprinklers. The distance between the existing ceiling and the cloud panels must be considered, however, fire sprinklers are only fitted into the existing ceiling or the ceiling clouds.

The sprinkler system must be effective in case of fire, so both horizontal and vertical sidewall sprinklers should be installed. If the suspended ceiling is just inches away from the existing ceiling, it may be safe to install the fire sprinklers on just one of the two surfaces.

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