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Fire protection in the work place is essential as all employees need to be safe from any possible outbreak of fires and other disasters or accidents.There are various protection components that make up a proper fire protection system. Such a system should be put in place to eliminate possible fire threats and allow maximum fire protection should a fire erupt.

The main forms of fire protection is:

1. Education:

Employees need to obtain the necessary information about the dangers of fires in the work place, especially with regards to the equipment and location specific dangers.

2. Rules:

Strict instructions and guidelines should be adhered to with regards to gas, chemical and other flammable substances.

3. Fire detection:

There are different types of fire detectors such as smoke alarms. These should be put in the work place so that a fire can be seen to before it becomes out of hand.

4. Fire prevention:

Fire sprinklers, extinguishers and hose reels go a long way in stopping a potentially dangerous fire from occurring. Your work place should have a sufficient supply of fire prevention products in order to prevent fire dangers in the work place.