Precautions Against Workplace Fires

Workplace fires

Workplace fires can destroy lives as well as the jobs and livelihoods of many. Many factories and workplaces that burn down end in company closure and massive loss. To prevent such tragedies here are a few safety tips to practice, and enforce, in your workplace or company.

1. Keep all machinery well maintained - this will prevent overheating and sparks that may cause fires.

2. Make sure that all electrical hazards are reported, and then fixed. Faulty wiring, exposed wires, and faulty electronical equipment are all hazards. Report all hazards and follow up with the person in charge until the problem has been addressed. Remember never to try address electrical issues along if not qualified.

3. Keep the clutter away. Clutter does not only provide fuel for fires but it also blocks exits and can stop people from evacuating the building.

4. Any rags or flammable material should be suitably disposed of or put away. Oily rags for example, should be stored in a closed metal container.

5. Use and store chemicals safely. Store these substances as instructions explain and be sure to use such chemicals in well ventilated areas.

6. Do not smoke in the workplace, near chemicals, paint, oil etc. only smoke in designated areas and be sure to put all cigarettes out properly.

7. Make sure that you know where all the fire safety equipment is - know where extinguishers and sprinklers are and be sure never to block them or access to such equipment.

8. Know how to use a fire extinguisher is and where the closest one to your department is.

These few small tips will help to prevent fires, firstly, and secondly to ensure quick and safe evacuation or extinguishing if a fire does occur.

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