Prevent Electrical Fires from Sparking up

electrical fires

Most electrical fires happen as a result of neglect and irresponsibility. Avoid the following problems to prevent fires from sparking up your workplace.

Get rid of any damaged or frayed cords. Have them replaced or repaired as soon as soon as they seem to be wearing down. Also make sure that you keep away from areas that they will be walked on or kicked.

Avoid buying phony products. Fake products are found in stores that sell legitimate products. They use the false brand-names in order to be sold; surprisingly, even retailers can be unaware that they are selling "knock-offs". These products can be badly made and wired and therefore a big hazard.

Make sure any electrician that installs or fixes wiring in your work place does a proper job. Faulty wiring can cause too much heat igniting loose, out of place wires in your walls. This can start a fire.

Don't put too many plugs in one outlet. Overloading a circuit can cause sparks and fires to ignite.

Make sure you look out for signs that a potential fire could occur, such as:

1. Plug discoloration

2. Burning smell coming from a cord or appliance

3. A "ringing" or "buzzing" sound coming from the plug

4. Sparks or flickering lights coming from the plug

5. A tingling sensation on your fingers when you touch the plug

Fire protection against electrical fires is crucial and when putting out an electrical fire you have to be very careful as using the wrong extinguisher can make the problem worse; for example, water can cause electrocution. The best fire extinguishers for electrical fires are dry powder and C02 gas extinguishers. Preferably use C02 gas as the powder from dry powder extinguishers can damage electrical equipment.

The basic procedure: