At risk of a commercial fire outbreak?

commercial fire

Commercial fires can occur at any given moment. Your property is thus extremely vulnerable without an adequate fire protection system. Some properties, however, are at greater risk than others. Does your property fall into any of the following categories?

1. Dining locations:

The possibility of a fire breaking out in a restaurant or fast food venue is high, considering all the flammable materials. A restaurant kitchen poses a great risk when it comes to gas leaks or grease fires - it may be a confined area where occupation levels are high. Always ensure that the installation of fire protection components is done accurately and is installed by a specialised team of installation officers.

2. Storage facilities:

Storage units are often larger in size compared to other categories and contain fewer occupants that would be able to detect a fire outbreak. A fire may start due to the incorrect storage of materials or stock and perhaps flammable materials are punctured in the moving and relocating process.

3. Lodging establishments:

Individuals may be less careful when staying overnight in a hotel as opposed to living at home – often ignoring “no smoking” signs and acting somewhat irresponsibly. Large hotels also pose a greater threat due to the number of occupants staying on the premises at any given time. Adequate signage indicating fire escape routes must be visible to avoid mass confusion and fire protection components, such as sprinklers and extinguishers, must be available to prevent fatalities in the event of a fire.

4. Entertainment venues:

Alcohol and flames DO NOT go well together, which makes venues of entertainment a major threat. Intoxicated individuals may be careless or could be more likely to panic in the event of a fire, making it extremely difficult to evacuate a large number of people from a bar or nightclub. For these reasons it is vital that venues of entertainment have a functioning fire protection system in place.

5. Special needs institutions:

When it comes to patients who are mentally disabled, it may be more difficult to help them understand fire etiquette and safety. In such cases it would be vital to ensure that hazardous items or flammable materials are kept locked away. Nursing staff are to be on high alert and conduct regular education sessions to ensure that patients are aware of the emergency procedure to be followed in the event of a fire. Nursing homes face a similar situation, but one of the biggest problems they face in the event of a fire is the evacuation process, as many individuals have restricted mobility. In such a case, it is crucial that a well thought out evacuation plan be in place.