Take Namibian Veld Fire Prevention into Your Own Hands

Fire Protection Company

Over the last decade, veld fires have been a consistent threat to the welfare of agriculture industries in the country. Though fire management campaigns have been put in place throughout this time, uncontrolled forest and veld fires have continued to negatively impact upward of 5 million hectares; the number has become an annual statistic.

Uncontrolled veld fire has affected many parts of the country, from Omusati to Khomas, causing extensive damage to wildlife populations, not to mention the grazing fields and other natural resources that are meant to support this population. According to the Directorate Forestry, these fires are the results of both lightning and human negligence.

The dramatic toll these fires take on Namibian land each year can be attributed partly to the lack of an effective fire prevention response plan from private and public stakeholders of said land. To address these issues, the directory has put forth that local Namibians should cultivate a personal responsibility to protect their investments from the ravages of wild fire, and thus co-ordinate and mobilise efforts together.

In light of this, taking ownership of the wild forest and veld fire that threatens land which individuals have a stake in isn’t impossible. Naming a reliable team to address sudden incidents of fire danger and making sure they’re equipped to deal with the issue can easily be done within small and large communities.

Make sure you’re cued up on how you could effectively prevent fire damage in dangerous cases.