What Maintenance Of Fire Protection Components Incorporates

Fire Protection Components

What happens when a building is on fire, and the fire protection system does not perform efficiently? A lot of unnecessary damage is caused and money is wasted. The main purpose of fire protection companies, such as Fireco, is to ensure that commercial fire protection systems are effectively installed and maintained to prevent devastation caused by fire.

Inspection, Testing & Maintenance (ITM)

ITM is essential when it comes to discovering any failure of components that would prevent the fire prevention system from performing properly in the event of a fire. The purpose of ITM is to find and repair any faulty components while adhering to all relevant laws, codes, regulations and standards.

Other factors are also weighed in, such as fire-risk, be it the type of warehouse/company or the general area’s risk. For example, factories that store flammable liquid are at more risk of a fire as opposed to normal office buildings. Unfortunately, many times, instead of getting a customised fire protection solution for a specific building, many companies go for the one-size-fits-all option. Even though this caters for minimum requirements, it does not offer full proof protection. Buildings that have increased risk should go through more frequent testing intervals to ensure that the fire protection system is up to scratch. Also, various fire protection components have specific testing requirements, for example, sprinkler systems need to be tested semi-annually, while fire alarm systems only need to be checked once a year.

For instance, for a fire alarm system, the manual pull stations are required to be functionally tested annually, while the tamper devices supervising each sprinkler system valve must be tested semi-annually.

So, in conclusion, the purpose of ITM is not simply to comply with the minimum fire protection requirements, but to rather achieve a highly reliable fire protection system that will effectively prevent and protect your building and the people in it from fires.

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