You’re Not Safe!

Not safe


They are automatically activated. This means that whether the building occupants are awake or asleep, present or away, there is always an immediate solution.

Sprinkler systems buy you time. A sprinkler system, often extinguishes the fire, however if they don't they will suppress the fire giving anyone inside time to get out safely. The sprinklers will suppress the fire and keep it from spreading until the fire department gets there to fully extinguish it

Fire sprinklers activate when the fire is still small which cuts down damage caused by both the fire and smoke. If one had to wait for the fire department the fire may have spread significantly by the time they get there. Fire sprinklers often activate before people in the building even realise that there is a problem as they are faster than any other detection system or response mechanism. Having a fire sprinkler in your home will increase you chance of survival in the event of a fire by about 80% as well as saving you largely from property loss.

Sprinkler systems activate individually - meaning that sprinklers are only turned on in the areas/rooms where there is a problem. This limits water damage. When fire departments put out a fire using high-pressure hoses the water can cause a lot of damage to a building structure. This is not necessary and can be avoided if the fire can be stopped before it really starts.

Many people worry that water damage from fire sprinklers might cause more damage than the fire itself, but this is definitely not the case. As explained above fire sprinklers are a more "gentle" way of extinguishing fires.

Whether in a residential home, a factory, or office blocks it is essential that fire safety is implemented in both your home and work place.