Is Your Commercial Sprinkler System Ready For Winter?

Fire Sprinklers

As winter is approaching, temperatures are slowly dropping. During the colder months in Johannesburg, fires tend to be more prevalent. For this reason, it is essential that all water-based commercial sprinkler systems are functioning properly. To ensure that your sprinkler system does not freeze, consider the following tips:

Insulate sprinkler pipes

During winter months, temperatures can drop so low that it could cause your sprinkler system to freeze up. As a preventative measure, all pipes are to be insulated, particularly those on exterior walls of buildings.

Stop leaks

Make sure that the water shut-off valve is accessible so that, should a leak be detected, it can be stopped immediately. This will prevent pipes from freezing or bursting.

Install dry systems

In areas that are susceptible to the cold, the safer option would be a dry system. Replacing water-based sprinkler systems with dry systems will relieve you of the stress experienced with water-based systems in the winter months.

Have your sprinkler system inspected

To ensure that your commercial sprinkler system is functional, have it inspected before the cold sets in. Get expert advice on fire protection assistance to ensure that your fire protection system stays up to date with the latest developments in building regulations and fire protection standards. Doing so regularly will prevent potential hazards.

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