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Our unrivalled expertise and contracting facilities allow us to meet any fire protection requirements as well as all types of risks such as offices, retail, storage and warehousing, industrial, mining, process manufacturing and petrochemical risks. A few of our numerous service solutions to meet these risks include:

Our continuing success in providing fire protection and fire prevention services is attributed to our efficient products & service, competitive rates & meticulous workmanship

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Skills Development

Training and development is a fundamental value at Fireco and we have several programmes that include both internal and external training. Internal training takes place in the form of weekly workshops where directors and managers conduct training seminars to familiarise both new and existing staff with the acceptable codes of practice required for fixed fire protection systems.

External training takes place in the form of ASIB training, IFE courses & the funding of tertiary education at various higher education institutions.

Ensuring quality & certified workmanship

Codes of Practice

Fireco currently holds the highest grading of “National Supervisory Installer” with the Automatic Sprinkler Inspection Bureau. In addition to ASIB approved installations, we also design and install fixed fire protection installations that comply with a multitude of codes of practice, including, but not limited to the following:

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