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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with reliable and economically viable fire protection solutions. Our range of installations are tailor-made for specific projects and founded in the knowledge and experience of our Fireco team and linked to our ability to effectively utilise the latest available technology.

Fireco currently holds the most competent staff in the industry and are able to commit to rigid programmes on budget and within programme as well as give assurance that our systems comply fully with any project requirements.

Our company carries work throughout Africa with offices based in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Windhoek.

We strive to continue to supply our clients with comprehensive service, product range and uncompromising commitment to quality and professionalism to ensure we maintain our position as market leaders in our industry.

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Uncompromising commitment to quality and professionalism

Our Core Values

Empowering & Improving

Skills Development

Training and development is a fundamental value at Fireco and we have several programmes that include both internal and external training. Internal training takes place in the form of weekly workshops where directors and managers conduct training seminars to familiarise both new and existing staff with the acceptable codes of practice required for fixed fire protection systems.

We at Fireco take great pride in the number of ASIB competent certificate holders we have trained over the years and that are currently in our employ as this is a proven measurement of our dedicated skills development programme within the automatic sprinkler industry.

External training takes place in the form of ASIB training, IFE courses & the funding of tertiary education at various higher education institutions.

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